i-to-i Foundation TESOL Course (20 Hours)

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Whether you want to teach English overseas or improve your CV, the i-to-i Foundation TESOL Course is a great way to get started. This intensive two-day practical course, taught by our expert TESOL tutors, equips you with the essential skills required to teach English as a foreign language. Once you’ve finished this two-day TESOL course, you’ll be ready to plan and deliver your first lesson.

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Over just two days, you’ll learn how to manage your class, plan lessons and participate in TESOL role-playing activities. You’ll also refine your newly-acquired TESOL skills by preparing and delivering a mock lesson. At every stage of the course, your learning will be overseen by an expert tutor who will give you feedback on how to get the most out of your students. During the practical TESOL course, you’ll also have the opportunity to get advice from the tutors on how to find TESOL work overseas. By the end of the course, you’ll have a sound knowledge of what it’s like to teach in the TESOL classroom.

Course Features:

Foundation TESOL Skills

FoundationTESOL Skills

Classroom Training

Classroom TESOLPractice

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*Looking for a TESOL Course or a TEFL Course?

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) refer to exactly the same thing – teaching English abroad! So if you’re looking for a TEFL course, you’re in the right place – our TESOL courses will qualify you to teach English as a foreign language and are recognized by TEFL employers around the world.


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