Specialist TESOL Certificates

How to Teach Audio and Video Lessons

This specialist TESOL course will teach you how to incorporate audio and visual materials into your lessons to bring your teaching to life. It will help you to keep your students motivated and enthusiastic about their English lessons. By the end of the course you’ll know how to build lessons around audio and video content as well as understand the pros and cons of using audio-visual materials in your class.

Teaching English One-to-One

Teaching English one-to-one for a few hours a week is a great way to boost your salary. The aim of this ten hour course is to give the new TESOL teacher the correct approach when teaching one-to-one. It looks at the advantages for your students as well as the pitfalls. You will also find lots of useful ideas to use in lessons to keep your student motivated and their English improving.

Teaching with Limited Resources

This TESOL course is particularly useful for people planning to work in developing countries where modern equipment, adequate course materials and other teaching aids are limited. You can be confident that after taking this course you’ll be ready for the many challenges and rewards of teaching in schools with limited resources.

Teaching English to Large Classes

What would you go if you were faced with 30-60 students? You’re not sure? Don’t worry, that’s exactly what this specialist certificate will teach you. It’s packed full of practical advice, helpful ideas and activities to make sure that you have all the confidence and TESOL skills you’ll need to step into your first large class.

Teach English to Young Learners

Keeping learners aged between six and twelve engaged in class can be tricky. This course will teach you how to adapt your teaching style to meet the needs of young learners. You’ll cover all the key principles, from keeping students engaged with fun activities to giving someone their very first English lesson.

Advanced Grammar Course

Do you often feel that your students know more English grammar than you do? Then this TESOL course is for you. If you’re feeling unsure about the basics, the course begins with a review of fundamental grammar points to give you a good start. By the end of the course you’ll understand how to join words together, how to form sentences and why students make grammar errors along with how to correct them.

Teaching Business English

The teaching business English market has been steadily growing for years and offers well-trained TESOL tutors the chance to earn excellent wages. You’ll be taught how to help students with already advanced English skills develop their abilities to successfully meet the demands of modern business. By the end of the course you’ll be able to teach vocabulary, intonation, open questions and much more.