Middle East

A Guide to Teaching English in the Middle East


The oil-rich Gulf States of the Middle East have some of the most lucrative TESOL job markets on the planet. There is a huge demand for English teachers with recognised TESOL qualifications and the wages on offer are very high.

Most employers in these areas require some previous experience, while places such as Turkey and Egypt offer opportunities for people with less teaching experience.


TESOL Job Hotspots in Middle East

Turkey is our top destination for TEFL jobs in the Middle East. In fact, it’s the only TESOL guide we have for the Middle East at present. We’ll be adding more soon.

TESOL Jobs in Turkey

Over recent years Turkey has strengthened its links with the European Union and European businesses. This has led to an increase in the demand for qualified TESOL teachers.

Wages and Cost of Living

Places such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia offer high (and often tax-free) wages for well-qualified teachers with a few years’ experience. However, in Egypt and Turkey the wages and cost of living are lower and there is more opportunity for less experienced TEFL graduates.