Latin America

A Guide to Teaching English in Latin America

The demand for TESOL teachers in Latin America is getting larger all the time, as local people try to get a foothold in international business and tourism through a knowledge of English language. Most TESOL job opportunities can be found in major cities such as Sao Paulo, Quito and Mexico City.

TESOL Job Hotspots in Latin America

These are our top destinations for TESOL teachers looking for work in Latin America. They all have lots of TESOL jobs and they’re also great places to live and work.

TESOL Jobs in Brazil

It is estimated that in the next decade, the Brazilian economy will become the fifth largest in the world. Brazilian businesses realise that in order to operate in the global market place, they need a work force with English language skills. This explains the huge growth in English language training and the demand for TESOL teachers.

TESOL Jobs in Argentina

Argentina has long been regarded as one of the top places to teach English in Latin America. There are three main reasons for this: it has a relatively strong economy, there are loads of TESOL jobs and the requirements for a working visa aren’t as tight as some of its neighbours.

TESOL Jobs in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of Latin America’s top travel destinations with millions of tourists and backpackers visiting every year. All these foreign tourists need looking after, and that drives a demand for people who can speak English well. So TESOL teachers are welcome and the number of teaching jobs in Ecuador is growing every year. Be warned though, Ecuador is not the place to go if you want to earn lots of money teaching English.

TESOL Jobs in Costa Rica

If you want to teach English in Central America, Costa Rica is by far the best choice. It is the most prosperous and politically stable country in the region and has lots of TESOL jobs due to its strong diplomatic and commercial ties to the US.

Wages and Cost of Living

Wages for TESOL teachers in Latin America aren’t particularly high, however these low levels of pay are mitigated by the low cost of living. So although you won’t earn much by teaching English in Latin America, it doesn’t cost much to live relatively well.