TESOL Jobs in Europe


The European Union is one of the world’s biggest players in international business, so there is a huge demand for people with English language skills. This demand drives a lucrative TESOL jobs market all across Europe. Qualified TESOL teachers are needed everywhere from Lisbon to St Petersburg and Athens to Oslo.

Competition for TESOL jobs in Europe can be pretty fierce, so if you’re thinking of teaching English in Europe you should take one of our top-end courses such as the Professional TEFL Course (120) or the Professional TEFL Course (140).


TESOL Job Hotspots in Europe

Here’s our pick of the top four TESOL job destinations in Europe. Each country offers a different insight into European life and culture, and they all have large and established TESOL jobs markets.

TESOL Jobs in Spain

All Spanish children learn English at school, and many choose to take extra English lessons at privately-run Academia de Inglés. So there are lots of opportunities to teach English in Spain if you have a recognised TESOL certificate. There is also a large industry for teaching private lessons, so it is worth learning how to teach English one-to-one.

TESOL Jobs in France

French businesses have to spend at least 1.5% of their payroll on training their staff, and because English is such a key skill for European business, a sizeable amount of that investment finds its way into the bank accounts of people teaching English in France. Most major cities and even smaller provincial towns now have an English language school or two.

TESOL Jobs in Czech Republic

For many years Prague has been the top TEFL destination in Eastern Europe, and this has led to the TEFL jobs market in the city being a little saturated and wages dropping. However, if you’ve got a bit of experience you can still demand decent wages in the city, and if you don’t have much previous experience, head out of the capital and you’ll find similar wages and a much lower cost of living.

TESOL Jobs in Italy

Over the last decade Italy has become one of the growth markets for people looking to teach English in Europe. Many businesses see English as a key skill and increasing numbers of school children are taking extra English lessons after school.

TESOL Jobs in Greece

Greece’s strong links to European business and tourism mean that a solid grasp of English is seen by many as key to a successful career. Because of this, the vast majority of school children choose to take extra English lessons before or after school at private language schools (frontiseria). This perhaps explains why there are a decent number of TESOL opportunities in Greece.

Wages and Cost of Living

How much you can earn by teaching English in Europe is reliant on your level of TESOL certification and how much previous experience you have. The cost of living varies from country to country. Major Western European capitals such as Madrid and Paris are expensive places to live, while Eastern Europe is much more affordable.