A Guide to Teaching English in Africa

First things first, you won’t earn a fortune teaching English in Africa. However, if making a difference to people’s lives and having a full-on TESOL adventure is more important to you than having a huge bank balance, teaching English in Africa could be the perfect choice for you.

TESOL Job Hotspots in Africa

South Africa is our top choice for teaching English in Africa. We’ll be adding more African TESOL guides soon.

TESOL Jobs in South Africa

English is pretty much South Africa’s second language and there are lots of local teachers who can teach English, so there aren’t very many opportunities for foreigners to teach English in South Africa. The vast majority of jobs open to Australians would be either in the voluntary sector or with private language schools in the major cities.

Wages and Cost of Living

Obviously, Africa isn’t the richest place on the planet, so don’t expect to earn huge wages. That being said, experienced teachers with a recognised TESOL certificate can find paid work. For the less experienced teacher, there are loads of opportunities to hone your skills with voluntary groups and community projects.